How to OOTD with Wedding Attire


Received a wedding invite but ever so confused about the dress code? Follow our simple guide on what to wear to a wedding.

“A day to remember for the bride, an outfit to cherish for you.”

Ah, wedding season — it’s here!

Big kenduris (parties) celebrating love birds are fun, there’s no doubt about it. What isn’t fun however, is figuring out what to wear to a wedding. But fret‘ not! With a little planning, you can make just one very special dress work for all kind of weddings, from day weddings to evening weddings on your calendar. The key is just so easy-peasy! Finding a simple yet elegant dress that’s modest enough to wear for fancy events, too. Our pick? One of our Modish collections named Enzella Abaya in Mint Green. Suitable for garden concept wedding or day weddings, it gives you the simple-sweet yet chic look. Adding or pairing it up with different shade or color block it with Naira Instant Hijab in Sahara Brown, a small nude clutch with 2 inches nude heels, and bring on the invites, people!

Last but not least, don’t forget to snap your wedding guest look OOTD and have fun with it! Choosing a simple or minimalist concept as the background is best so viewers can really focus on the look and maximizes the attire most.

We have put together a selection of pieces that we think work well in creating a wedding guest look. Have a nice day and loads of kisses from us! Happy trying!

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