5 Tips for Choosing your Hijabi Graduation Outfit

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5 Tips for Choosing your Hijabi Graduation Outfit

By: Leena Asad
Date: 1 May 2015
Article from: With Love Leena

Hey girls!! Ahhh I cannot believe this semester is finally over!! After my last final I literally went straight home and passed out on the couch, my body just crashed from the amount of stress and lack of sleep from the past few months! Omar’s last final was the day after mine so we went out and celebrated with a fancy dinner. I wore this outfit for our date, but I thought it would also be perfect for a hijabi graduation outfit!! I’m not graduating until December inshallah, but I got some requests to do a grad outfit inspiration post so I hope you like what I put together! Here are some extra tips for picking your graduation outfit as a hijabi :)

Short dress and loose trousers

In my opinion, this is the best option for a graduation outfit. A graduation robe will add extra volume around the middle and by keeping your ensemble sleek, you will avoid looking bigger than you really are! You could wear any color dress or long top that you wish! Just keep the other pieces of your outfit neutral so you remain classy and professional.

Maxi dress/outfit

If you’re set on wearing a maxi (I did for my high school graduation!) you can still make it work! Just make sure you create a waist underneath your gown with a belt around your dress or tuck in your top into your skirt. Also, make sure that there is not too much volume around the bottom of your maxi- For example, don’t wear a tulle maxi skirt or anything with lots of layers of fabric to avoid looking too wide with your gown.


To me, graduation is all about amazing shoes! It’s one of the only things that people will be able to see from your outfit as you walk across the stage. With that being said, you will be walking across a stage in front of all your friends and family and you want to make sure you wear heels you can actually walk in- without tripping ;) Keep the heels less than 4 inches, they will generally be easier to walk in! If you don’t feel comfortable about wearing heels, don’t stress. You can totally wear flats! Pointed patent flats are a good option for special occasions. :)

Neutral hijab

With a sea of graduation gowns, most people will look the same from afar- unless you see a hijabi wearing a bright green hijab under her cap ;) In my opinion, its best to wear a solid neutral, like black, tan or white. You’ll look more professional and classic, you can always wear bright color in your outfit underneath your gown!

How to style your hijab

Wear your bun low, with less volume on top so that your cap sits properly. You might want to bring the long piece around farther back toward your bun instead of directly on top of your head, if that makes sense! If you wear chiffon, you may not have to worry about that, since there won’t be much volume on top anyway. :)


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