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Travelling to places makes you happy which does not need to be planned thoroughly, nor need to have a lot of money. 

Her name is Darina, a high school student studying at Rawang. At the age of 17, she has already been to beautiful places around the world. While doing so, she likes to post her traveling pictures on Instagram that somehow got a good feedback. Without her noticing now she’s an Instagramer that has her own followers to inspire with her own lifestyle.

A life of travel is a great thing to have. But once you start off on it, there is no looking back. What traveling does do to you is work its way inside of you, changing you completely as it finds a seat deep within you. Once the wanderlust hits, your feet will never stop being restless. It goes into the edges of your mind. You start clicking through those albums you have created and saved from past trips to London or Paris or Korea. You find yourself browsing Agoda.com or Bookings.com or you check Air Asia, MAS Airlines and so on to see how much a flight next month is to Bali. Just for the sake of it. Oh well, just in case. It never hurts to know, right? The temptation is always there just to drop everything, and off you go!

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

If there’s one Instagram account we could get inside and live forever, it would be Darina Kamal’s. At the age of 17, she has already been to beautiful places around the world. Still spreading her wings in Rawang High School, she likes to travel the world and creates photo shoots for her Instagram, and her images are rarely not totally stunning. To her, travel is like love, and how great trips, like great love affairs, never really end. While she is traveling, she likes to post out her trip photos on Instagram that somehow got the people’s attention. Without her noticing, people started to follow her on Instagram just to see what her travel- life is really like. From outfits to amazing vistas, buildings and locations – her consistency in flawless and lovely images is admirable. Her photos get as many as 1,000 likes, and frequently appear on the “popular” page.




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