Five Beauty Tips for the busy ladies!

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Five Beauty Tips for the busy ladies!

By: Rayeesa Tabassum
Date: 10 April 2016
Article from: A Muslimah’s Writings

Quick and easy beauty tips for busy muslimah:

1. If you are the busiest muslimah ever, and you have absolutely no time at all for your skincare, I recommend you do one thing.

  • Get an aloe vera plant and apply the gel daily on your face. This can be applied all over the face including on the skin of your eyes.Wash off after 15 minutes. Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer and will reduce fine lines and bring a glow to your face overtime. It will also remove dark circles.

2. Store rose water in a spray bottle and spray it on your face at least twice a day after cleansing your face.

3. Add juice of a lemon to a glass of water and drink every morning. Great for skin, hair and health.

4. Mix a little honey with olive oil, apply and massage for 5 minutes on your scalp and wash after half an hour. Easiest and effective hair mask.

5. Scrubbing is necessary for glowing skin. Mix yogurt with rice flour, massage this paste onto your face in upward, circular movements. Wash after 5 mins. Do this twice a week.
Islamic tips :

  • Wudhu and miswaak often.
  • The glow of fajr is unbeatable.
  • Be grateful and never complain. Remember the verse, “If you give Me thanks, I will give you more.” Quran (14:7)
  • Always recite when you look in the mirror. ” Allah humma anta hasanta khalqi fa hassin khuluqi.” ( Oh Allah! You have made my body beautiful, so make my character beautiful as well.)

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