Five Different Ways To Style Your Kids’ Clothes

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By: Five Different Ways To Style Your Kids’ Clothes
Date: 27 May 2018
Article from: The Guardian

Children are more often than not overlooked when it comes to style. Thankfully, designers have found ways to cater to the sartorial needs and choices of children. Also, celebrity children and young royals continue to set children’s fashion trends all over the world.

We have carefully selected some unique styles for kids this year. Perhaps you can be inspired by these trends.

Go soft
Soft pastel colours and natural tones are in season for kids. Choose clothes with soothing, neutral colours like cream, peach baby pink, pale blue, mustard, beige and mauve. Add a pop of colour to their clothes with stylish applique and prints in bright colours.

Like a royal
Think classic, elegant, well-crafted pieces that work well for special occasions. Plunge your baby girl into a fairy tale with a princess dress or make your son look princely in a sophisticated tux.

Tradition is everything
Print clothes are a special way to stand out. Make that leftover Ankara material you have into a shirt or a blazer jacket for your child or a pretty little dress with lovely floral prints.

Denim power
Boiled and bleached denim is suitable for kids of all ages. From jeans to denim jackets, this trend is timeless. Rock denim on denim or soften the look with pastel-coloured clothes.

Graphic Tees
No more boring tops and tees. Let your kids make a statement with their clothes. Use catchy phrases, bold paintings of their favourite superhero, a drawing of an animal, plant graphics or geometric motifs.


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